Business Blog Writers Enters ShoeMoney ASW 2009 Contest

by Jenny on December 15, 2009

As Business Blog Writers, we follow a whole hoard of blogs, so that we can be on top of all the happenings in the blogging industry.

We’ve decided to enter a contest, ShoeMoney ASW 2009 Contest, that Jeremy Schoemaker is putting on, which is posted on his blog,

We are entering this contest as an example to show you all the capabilities that a blog creates.  You can increase readership participation by running a blog like this and moreover, get readers excited about your blog and what you’re doing.

The details of this contest are as follows (copied from the ShoeMoney blog):

1 lucky winner will win

  • 1 Platinum pass to Affiliate Summit (by Affiliate Summit)
  • 3 Nights hotel paid in full (by Affiliate Summit)
  • Airfare – up to $500 in airfare reimbursement.
  • Roll with me to some super badass private parties

You get all the above no matter what.

Now for the gambler part of it you get your choice of:

$1,000.00 cash yours to keep and walk away with.


$2,000.00 cash with the stipulation you must bet it all on 1 hand of blackjack OR 1 spin of the roulette wheel betting either red or black.

So what is our interest in winning? 

  • MONEY!  We cannot lie.  Like an struggling artists, we can always use extra money to pay for our mortgages, bills and food!  Since $1,000 is that important to us, we would rather just have the $1,000 and not gamble on the rest.
  • Affiliate Summit!  So we can learn more about affiliates, perhaps help you become a company that offers affiliate opportunities and just chat it up with fellow bloggers!
  • 3 Nights hotel!  How nice would it be to go to this summit, fly for free (the contest pays for your airfare as well) stay for free and learn some great new things about blogging?  We’d love it.
  • Private Parties!  Just another opportunity to spend some time with folks that know that they are doing in the blogging industry. 

Since we are writers for a number of blogs, winning this contest will give us the opportunity to reward the companies that we’re writing for with the knowledge that we gain from the Affiliate Summit.  If you’re interested in entering this contest, please visit the Affiliate Summit Gambler (or not) Contest on the ShoeMoney Blog.

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