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by Jenny on February 17, 2010

If you read about our internship opportunity yesterday, then you are aware that we offer a flexible internship that looks great on your resume.

The internship is great for a student because it allows you to get internship credit, but allows you to work in the free time that works with your schedule.

In order to make our internship opportunity a win-win for both the intern and for us, we are considering interviewing a couple of Journalism, English Lit or Computer Science majors who are focused on web development to see what might be “in it” for you. 

What are your potential issues in finding a job when you get out of school?  Here are some that we think might be the issue, but, of course, we would prefer your feedback.

We would think with the ever-changing world of the Internet, lack of adequate opportunity for exposure in a contracting market is an issue.

As printed newspapers and magazines become a dying breed, the typical journalism model is changing and the competition for writing jobs are narrowing.  Therefore, if you have the online experience that online newspapers, news feeds and magazines are looking for, there’s all the more reason for them to hire you.   

Over all, we imagine that there are more likely to be opportunities for content development on the Internet therefore making it more imperative to get that experience and gain an edge over an increasingly competitive marketplace.

But, we aren’t for sure.  So please leave a comment on this post and let us know your thoughts.  You can always contact us as well.


Internship Supervisor’s Name: Jennifer Dean

Supervisor’s e-mail        

Telephone Number: 913-400-3888

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