Business Blogging Mistakes

by Jenny on August 2, 2010

A successful corporate weblog can be rewarding, successful and bring attention to your business. It can bring new customers, and Corporate Blogging Tipsturn your existing customers into people who will let others know (marketing in a sense). Business blog writers do not have an easy job and have to work hard, and think creatively. Corporate blogging tips can increase your chances of building a successful business if common blogging mistakes are avoided.

Treating Blogs Like a Press Center
Use your blog to announce things about your business or products. Share thoughts about the industry. Press releases are self promotional and readers do not really trust them. Provide tips and tricks you have learned about your business instead.

Not Blogging Regularly
Blogging on a regular basis is not easy, but should be done and needs to be brain stormed ahead of time. If you want to post on Mondays and Thursdays, that is good but do not try to reply to Monday’s posts on Monday. Let other people get involved. Try to stick to a schedule like Mondays and Thursdays (or two or three other days out of the week) and not burn yourself out. Update your blogs periodically with new quality info to keep readers coming back.  Contact Business Blog Writers for a free blog writing quote.

Not Enabling Conversation
Blogging is a conversation, and if it is not allowed on your blog you are making a big mistake. You will get more out of your blog and your customers will be more encouraged to reply to what you write. Always enable commenting on your blog.

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