Business Marketing Blogs

by Jenny on July 15, 2014

Business Marketing Blogs

Blogs are becoming increasingly popular for businesses as lead generation tools, however, there is much to consider when thinking about a blog for your business.

Why Blogging Works

  • Search Engine Marketing and Need to be found in organic results
  • Consumers want more lucidity from companies.
    • Blogs are more personable, less refined and genuine.

Why Business Blogs Fail

  • There is no strategy, no main focus from a company’s employee.  Rather it is someone’s side job or not a job in the company at all.
    • Blogs need:
      • Platform that is optimized for search
      • Content that is optimized for search
      • Ongoing analysis of the blog’s performance – to make sure goals are set and achieved.
    • Search Engines Like:
      • Recent, frequent and relevant information
  • Businesses do not understand or implement the use of keywords
    • Most Businesses, if they do have an understanding of keywords, tend to stuff their pages with keywords, when that will ruin their Google opportunities.
  • Business blogs turn into regurgitated press releases.
  • Topics don’t spark comments or feedback.
  • Posts lack personality and thought leadership

Why Businesses Need Help

  • Lack of knowledge of keyword importance
  • Need help publicizing of the content
  • Gaining Search Engine status requires a lengthy analysis of your business, its competitors, your current web presence and then where you would like to be.
  • Great blogging requires constant attention and care; it is never an overnight success.

Business Blogging Goals:

  • Strategy – what are the company’s goals with the blog?  Defining a strategy to the purpose of the blog is very important to the blog’s success.
  • Writing – needs to be consistent, fresh, with mixed up content to attract different readers
    • Needs to include customer’s stories, successes and testimonials
  • Publishing – the blog needs to be published on a consistent basis.  If you decide to publish once/week, then you need to stick to that.
  • Monitoring – the blog needs to be monitored by someone that is watching keywords and competitors.
  • Optimization – the blog needs to be organized and optimized for great search engine results.
  • Helping Businesses with their blogging goals – strategy, writing, publishing, monitoring and optimization.

If you want to participate in the blogosphere, then you have to be producing content on a daily basis and posting it on a daily basis.

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