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Profitable Business Blog

by Jenny on March 25, 2010

How do you get to the point where you have a profitable business blog? There is no point in having a blog and sharing information if you do not make profit from it.


Hiring Online Blog Writers

by Jenny on March 12, 2010

Professional blog writers normally write articles and blog posts to increase blog traffic and to take the pressure of having to write on a daily basis off your hands.


What Does Business Blog Writers Do?

by Jenny on February 22, 2010

Business Blog Writers assists businesses in developing, creating and promoting content on their existing blog or future blog.


Thinking Outside Of The Box

by Jenny on February 3, 2010

In this ever-changing business world, you’ve got to start thinking outside of the box. As the Internet expands and businesses become more and more dependant on the capabilities of search engines, you’ve gotta think about other marketing opportunities.


What Do You Want?

by Jenny on February 2, 2010

After writing posts for about two months for Business Blog Writers, we are interested in knowing what our readers would like to know or read about.


How Often Should You Blog?

by Jenny on January 29, 2010

Have you ever wondered, “How often should you blog?” It really is something to think about depeending on what you are blogging about and how quickly you want to get on the search engines. Well, you cannot get on the search engines terribly fast if you are building organic content, but if you blog consistently and put out good content then you should be appearing on the search engines in no time.


Will Blog for Food

by Jenny on January 18, 2010

That’s right. We will blog for you if you send us food or product. Sounds like we’re holding a cardboard sign and standing on the street corner, but what we mean is that if you have a product that you are looking to promote and you’d like for us to blog about it for you, we’d be more than happy to offer a review or a promotion on our site.

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Where Can I Get a Good Blog Writer?

by Jenny on January 8, 2010

If you are wondering, “Where can I get a good blog writer?” then you have come to the right place.

We are Business Blog Writers, and we offer a blogging service in combination with Compendium Blogware. When you come on board with us, we get you hooked up with a Compendium package that is right for you and then you can use our best blogging tool, content creation.


When Can We Start Blogging for Sleepypod?

by Jenny on January 7, 2010

Have you heard of the company, Sleepypod? Sleepypod is a company out of Los Angeles, CA and was started in 2006. We want to write for their blog!


Best Blogging Tool

by Jenny on December 29, 2009

If you have a corporate weblog, then you might be wondering what the best blogging tool is. To be quite honest and simple, the best blogging tool is by far, consistent and quality content.

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