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DaVinci’s Blog Is Succeeding!

by Jenny on February 5, 2010

On December 8, 2009, we let you know that we are blogging for DaVinci Roofscapes. DaVinci decided to go with the software that we recommended, Compendium Blogware, and therefore picked the best blogging system around.


Thinking Outside Of The Box

by Jenny on February 3, 2010

In this ever-changing business world, you’ve got to start thinking outside of the box. As the Internet expands and businesses become more and more dependant on the capabilities of search engines, you’ve gotta think about other marketing opportunities.


Why is Blogging Important?

by Jenny on January 25, 2010

As you hear about how blogging is all the rage these days, you may be wondering why blogging is important.


Brand It with Emotional Blogging

by Jenny on January 24, 2010

Have you heard of Emotional Branding? It is a book by Marc Gobé. An excellent read if you have the time. His thesis, basically, is that by making your brand emotional for the consumer, you will have more success with the sales of your product because folks will return and return to your product.

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What Sets Us Apart

by Jenny on January 21, 2010

If you’ve been looking into blogging for your business, then you have most likely run across a number of websites that are offering to write for your blog.


Interview with Brian Millis at Compendium

by Jenny on January 20, 2010

We figured it was high time to have an interview with Brian Millis over at Compendium Blogware. As you may know from reading our blog, we believe that Compendium offers the most comprehensive software for business blogging.


How To Create Your Own Blog

by Jenny on January 10, 2010

If you are new to blogging or simply don’t have the pockets to hire a blogging service like Business Blog Writers, then you might be interested in setting up your own blog. Setting up your own blog might sound like a daunting idea, however it is quite simple and very inexpensive! We like to use a company called, Ninja Blog Setup. They set up a Free WordPress Blog Installation if you do not already have a company hosting your website. If you have a company hosting your website, then it is only a mere one-time fee of USD $97 to get it setup. Of course, you can opt for their premium Wordpress blog installation and setup for $197. You can check out their different services on their website.

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When Can We Start Blogging for Sleepypod?

by Jenny on January 7, 2010

Have you heard of the company, Sleepypod? Sleepypod is a company out of Los Angeles, CA and was started in 2006. We want to write for their blog!

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