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One of the data you should use to gauge lead generation of your company blog is to check how many people left comments on your blog posts.


Paid Survey Site-Panda Research

by Jenny on February 16, 2011

From the comfort of your home, you can start earning through giving out your opinions.


3 Ways on How To Manage Your Business Blog

by Jenny on February 10, 2011

Although blog content writing is important, comments by readers are as important too.


Get Blog Traffic With Social Media Tools

by Jenny on February 9, 2011

From there, your corporate blog is a place where their appetites will be satisfied.


After offering a solution, you can then recommend other existing products and services that can supplement other needs.

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The Advantages of Press Releases as Blog Posts

by Jenny on February 4, 2011

A press release is any mode of communication with news-worthy information intended for the news media to disseminate.


Why Business Blogs Mean Business

by Jenny on February 3, 2011

You might think that your main website is enough but here are 3 facts on why weblogs mean serious business.

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Tips on How To Write Business Blogs

by Jenny on January 27, 2011

Give your own tips for free. Share your ideas to make them come back for more.

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Why Business Blogs Need A Ghost Writer

by Jenny on January 26, 2011

They can write with a fresh outlook. From a different perspective, everything looks new.


Best Practices in Corporate Blogging

by Jenny on January 25, 2011

A business blog may be a marketing tool but in essence, it is a social tool.

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