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Why You Should Have a Company Blog

by Jenny on January 10, 2011

Websites that provide basic company details was effective to pull your desired target market. Now, you need a different strategy.


Whenever you write a blog post, you should have it search engine optimized. As a result, you should pay attention to the rules that surround this act. These rules are governed by keyword use and how often you should use them. In deciding content creation, you need the right keywords in order to rank high in search engines, garnering your business more traffic.


The Right Blog Content for Lead Generation

by Jenny on August 31, 2010

How long should a blog be, and what factors should you consider? Reading Compendium’s post on Content Creation really helps encourage blog writers with their tips and strategies for effective blog content for lead generation.


The Power of Content for Your Business

by Jenny on August 25, 2010

Blogs run on content and businesses need the traffic to build their consumer base. It is this process that helps business stay on their feet in the ever changing market. With the need for crisp and quality content, the demand forever continues. When you are thinking of writing a blog for your company, keep an eye on the type of content you should produce.

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Social Media as a Smart Business Tactic

by Jenny on August 24, 2010

You may be wondering how efficient content gets read. Search engine rankings do help businesses get their products out there, but did you know that social media works a whole lot better?


Web-Logging For Businesses

by Jenny on July 29, 2010

Blogging, a term taken from the popular practice of “web-logging” has become a new phenomenon.

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Business Blogging Blog Post Ideas

by Jenny on June 17, 2010

Corporate weblogs are in demand now – and as more and more businesses have corporate weblogs, the more you will feel the pressure to make sure that yours is up to par.


Blog Posts Ideas for Businesses

by Jenny on June 16, 2010

Sometimes one of the most difficult thing about maintaining a corporate weblog is figuring out blog post ideas.


What Actually Is A Blog?

by Jenny on June 9, 2010

Weblogs started in late 1990s. In layman’s terms, a blog is an online type of a journal or a form of a diary in which the author or a blogger wishes to expose and share publicly.


20 Great Business Blog Post Ideas

by Jenny on June 4, 2010

Corporate weblogs through company blogging must be worked out on a regular basis. This includes to ensure that the content to always be updated and posting great business ideas.

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