As a business owner, you’ve been confronted with the question of whether to rely on in-house staff or outsourcing when it comes to content creation for your company.


Business Marketing Blogs

by Jenny on July 15, 2014

Business Marketing Blogs – Why Blogging Works, Why Business Blogs Fail, Why Businesses Need Help, and Business Blogging Goals.


What is a Blog and Why Are They So Popular? What is it about blogging that is so exciting?


Streaming Content From The Mindspace

by Jenny on June 18, 2013

Using content creation tools when writing product descriptions is a tricky affair. Unfortunately, content creation tools are driven by artificial intelligences or at least rely on algorithmic processing to generate content in quantity that safely passes benchmarks to ensure its uniqueness. The solution is to write in the manner of stream-of-consciousness, drawing from a brain […]


The Iceberg Of Content Creation

by Jenny on June 17, 2013

In the year 2013 products and services are available right next door, in your local market (as always); but those products and services are as accessible just as quickly even if their physical location is anywhere else on the planet. The way that those products and services now find a path through the wilderness of […]


Small Businesses Need Blog Writers

by Jenny on June 14, 2013

Running a small business is fun, exciting and sometimes scary. The work can be overwhelming at times and a small business owner might be tempted to try to handle all aspects of his or her business alone. This approach just doesn't work for most people. However, a business owner can't just ignore the value of […]


Keeping a blog is a great way to promote your enterprise. However, good blogging is time consuming and labor intensive. Due to to the work involved and because some people just don't enjoy writing or aren't that good at it, many business owners look to freelancers to handle the writing for their marketing content.    […]


Focusing On Your Human Readership

by Jenny on June 12, 2013

A leading researcher of Internet search technology famously predicted in 2012 that SEO practices as we understand them in 2013 would be fundamentally different by 2015. The major players in the search industry, such as Google, would reposition the search technologies so that content geared exclusively to gain rank status in the search engines would […]


Nowadays nearly all companies need fresh marketing material in traditional and electronic formats. Many people who start up their own businesses attempt to take care of producing all of this content themselves. As a business gets larger, however, its founder simply won't have the time to do all of that work personally. That's why reaching […]


Knowing Your Blogging Audience

by Jenny on June 10, 2013

Despite complaints to the contrary, the Internet is full of excellent content. The writers of that content don't always have an easy time with their writing, however. A lot of times a growing process is necessary before their content graduates from mediocre fluff to actually good stuff. One issue common to all writers is the […]

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