Lead Generation

Make an effort to connect online as well as in person. Sometimes, it’s not enough to just know someone’s digital profile.


One of the data you should use to gauge lead generation of your company blog is to check how many people left comments on your blog posts.


After offering a solution, you can then recommend other existing products and services that can supplement other needs.

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3 Business Blog Elements To Consider

by Jenny on January 20, 2011

Sometimes readers view your blog and if they find it appealing, they become your customers. Sometimes, the opposite happens.


iwearyourtshirt.com. I was intrigued with Jason Sadler’s idea not only from an entrepreneur’s perspective but also as a way to further help companies I am already working with – what an incredible opportunity for exposure through social media


One of the company blogs that we write for is DaVinci Roofscapes – they make plastic roofing tiles that look like natural slate and shake.


Andrew is the eCommerce Manager at Elite Sportswear, the leading supplier of Gymnastics apparel in the world under the GK and adidas brands.

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Qittle Now Blogging With Us!

by Jenny on October 25, 2010

Qittle was looking for a blog writer and we responded. They were looking for a blogging service that could provide the 50 posts/month that they needed.


Importance of Images in Blog Posts

by Jenny on September 17, 2010

A blog post must be dynamic and also at the same time quick to load. How can you obtain these two results at one time? Naturally, you can do so with the use of images.


Marketing Strategies Behind Content Variety

by Jenny on September 16, 2010

Internet communication is regarded to be one of the most effective ways of drawing in prospective customers for your business. With this technology at hand, you can clearly expand your business to more than your local market.

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