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Organize To Get More Company Blog Content

by Jenny on April 18, 2011

Sometimes, you only need to revise some of your content or update old information and re-publish them.


Nick Robinson is the Director of Client Services for Social Media HQ. He has a strong background in web development, marketing, and entrepreneurship

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Advance Your Business With A Blog

by Jenny on February 22, 2011

In fact, a company that has a blog invites more people to patronize its products and services.


Why Business Blogs Mean Business

by Jenny on February 3, 2011

You might think that your main website is enough but here are 3 facts on why weblogs mean serious business.

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3 Quick Ways To Revamp Your Company Blog

by Jenny on January 19, 2011

3 things you can do that might just be what you need to rev up traffic to your business blog


What is Useful Blog Content?

by Jenny on January 6, 2011

From personal journaling to a money-making medium, content for blogs are important to garner increase on readership and of course, sales.

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Niche Blogging Made Simple

by Jenny on October 22, 2010

Are you looking for the right way to start your blog? Niche blogging is much easier than you think and if you are selling a product or offering a service, creating a blog is one of the best marketing strategies that you have. Many people generate a lot of money by becoming an affiliate and […]


Did you know that you can make an interactive community with issuing a system of communication within your blog? This form of activity is involving your community to bring in more visitors that continue to read your blog posts. Our clients show their appreciation by posting comments and other details. This personal interaction gives way to better communication.


Business Blog Trending for Small Businesses

by Jenny on September 6, 2010

Businesses flourish on customer traffic and this can be obtained if you generate enough traffic. To do so, what measures will you take?

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Blogging Keeps Your Business in the Game

by Jenny on September 3, 2010

If you’re wondering how to get that competition going, you may wonder how blogging effectively works. It is a known fact that blogging is a social gadget, especially for your business solutions. You may be wondering what effect blogging has on your business. There are three distinct corporate blogging tips you should try out if you want to get that needed traffic for your site and product.

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