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We Want to Blog for Solvit Products!

by Jenny on January 6, 2010

We love the pet products that Solvit Products has come up with. As you might have guessed based on their name, Solvit Products provides pet products with solutions. Although Solvit Products has some great products, their website isn’t set up for Search Engine success. There are no keywords in the HTML code and many of the page titles are not search engine friendly, nor are the permalinks. So if Solvit Products would come on board with a company like Compendium, then they would have a tremendous amount of success with the keyword optimization that a company like Compendium offers.


Come On Board with Us Urban Pethaus!

by Jenny on December 23, 2009

As a marketing tactic, we’ve decided to do a post for each company we are interested in bringing on board with us. It’s free advertising for them and of course, shows them how passionate we are about bringing them on board with us. Of course, we are interested in writing for companies that we do not know about or have not yet approached, so please contact us if you’re interested.


Do You Have to Be a Big Business to Blog?

by Jenny on December 17, 2009

You may be interested in business blogging, but might think that it is something more for big businesses. This isn’t the case. In fact, blogging makes it easy for small businesses to compete with big businesses.

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