Client Retention with SEO Content Writing and YouTube Videos

by Jenny on May 1, 2013

Are you complementing your SEO content writing with YouTube Videos? If not, it is time to start thinking about how you can use video to sell your services and products to an online community that is generally strapped for time and reacts well to digital content. This will also improve your client retention in the following ways:

  • Diversity: Web surfers LOVE diversity and the more you can show that you are more than just words, the more you will grab their attention. YouTube videos can be used across all niches to simplify the process of article writing and not put readers through long and often boring online content. Video also makes it possible to add some personality to your brand.
  • Less Competitive: Your competitors may not be using YouTube videos and this is an excellent entry point. YouTube videos mostly appear on the top pages of search queries, making it easy for you to win clients and rank above competing websites. The results you get on search queries will be largely dependent on how content providers optimized your content.
  • Your Personal Channel: A company's branded YouTube channel gives you the added advantage when trying to establish an online brand. This makes it easy for clients to share your videos and also receive regular updates once they subscribe. You build an online reputation in the process and differentiate yourself from your competitor.

Business Blog Writers will work with you to get your YouTube channel established. We take the time to optimize your video by using long tail keywords and including your brand name to make you stand out. We also provide a link to your website to build backlinks and increase your leads. As professional freelance content writers, we optimize so that you move up the ranks and stay there!

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