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by Jenny on December 10, 2009

There is a lot that goes into the marketing of your business, your website and your blog.  Colors are always something to take into consideration when you are thinking about how to market your business, what your website should look like and what your blog should look like.

If you already have your company logo and website established, then setting up a blog is very easy and, certainly, Compendium will help you out. 

In the mean time, you might consider what colors mean and how folks can take them:

Red – a color of passion, excitement and danger.  Red is a good way to have a brand with excitement.

Orange – a color of energy, vibrancy and play.  Orange is a great way to add a playful nature to your company.

Yellow – a color of happiness, warmth and alertness.  Yellow can help your business be attractive, but with a warm and inviting tone.

Green – a color of nature, health and plentitude.  Green is obviously an ideal selection for a green products company or any company that is environmentally conscious.

Blue – a color of loyalty, peace and trust.  Blue is a good choice for a company looking to build customer loyalty. 

Purple – a color of royalty, wisdom and celebration.  Purple is a color that can make your business appear more regal. 

White – a color of purity, cleanliness and peace.  This color is popular in the medical profession for the sterilization that it creates. 

Black – a color of power, elegance and secrecy.  Black is more popular in the high end markets and can add a tone of mystery to your label.

Business Blog Writers can certainly help your business with colorful writing.   If you are looking for a great company to help design your logo,  you might check out where you can get a logo designed for just $27.00.   

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