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by Jenny on January 13, 2010

Post by Jenny Dean 

Alpine SnowGuards™

Alpine SnowGuards™

About 5 years ago now, I met Brian Stearns of Alpine Snowguards.  I was working at a roofing manufacturing company, and he had flown in to do a presentation on snowguards (snowguards keep ice and snow from falling off roofs and injuring people or damaging personal property below). 

I was more than impressed with his story of how he got into Vermont Slate & Copper Services Inc., which used to be a slate roof installation company, and how he took century-old slate roofs off of old barns that were falling apart in Vermont.  

The slates that Brian removed from the barns were re-sold for additions or for new slate roofs.  In removing the slates (no doubt a careful process, so that the slates would not break or crack), Brian saw how slate roofs were installed way back when.  Certainly, one of the best ways to learn how to fix something or do it right is to take apart the original that worked (the barns sides were falling apart – not the roofs).  During his presentation, Brian talked about how the old slate roof installation system had changed because many of the next generations’ mentors were lost during World War II.  So between the late 1940s and the early 1970s, there were generations of slate roofers lost. 

The Slate BookSo Brian decided to start a slate roof installation business, Vermont Slate Roofing.  You can read more about it in Brian’s book, The Slate Book, that he wrote with his brother and a few other folks.  

While installing roofs, Brian saw the need for better snowguards, and hence created Alpine Snowguards.  Because Brian saw the fallacy in other snowguards and also saw what needed to be repaired, he was able to come up with a style and design that was far superior to his competitors. 

Perhaps, the reason I like Alpine Snowguards so much is because they just make sense.  I like products that do what they are supposed to and were created because of a need. Some of Alpine Snowguards Products: 

How Can A Blog Help Alpine Snowguards? 

  • Thanks to the World Wide Web (WWW), we have excellent search engine tools.  So there are folks out there that may not even know that snow piling on your roof and then falling off could be a problem.  In fact, they usually look for a solution after it’s already been a problem.  However, lots of folks do not know what a snowguard is.  So a blog could help find the folks that need a solution to their problem.
  • Industrial manufacturers, for the most part, are not using the WWW  as much to their advantage as they could.  There are endless searches and geo-targeting opportunities, but since they aren’t computer techies, it hasn’t reached them yet.  So Alpine could be light years ahead of their competition, by starting company blogging now.
  • Help roofers, builders and homeowners find out about Alpine, if they know about snowguards, but don’t know about Alpine specifically.

What Will Alpine Have to Blog About? 

There is much to blog about with Alpine.  Probably one of the biggest advantages of Alpine’s Snowguards is the protection they offer to your home and your personal property (like vehicles) that might be near your home.  So here are a few ideas: 

  • What is the purpose of a snowguard?
  • How does a snowguard protect your investment?
  • What are some before and after photos of snowguards and how efficient they are?
  • What sort of snowguard is appropriate for my home?
  • What is a snowguard?
  • Share Project Photos
  • Ask customers for testimonials.  Surely if someone lived in a home during one winter with plenty of snow and the next winter they live in the same home, but now with snowguards, then they will sing its praises.
  • We might even ask folks to include videos and post them on YouTube to show how Alpine has helped their roofs.  This gives Alpine a greater prescence on the web through YouTube as well.
  • Mention the differences between different roofing products and different roof pitches andwhy certain materials and pitches need certain types of snowguards.
  • And much more!

Even having us monitor Twitter for them, would be a great way to get leads.   For example, this recent tweet, from @Smith_Mike, “just got done standing on a ladder and using a push broom to removed snow from our roof. Has some water coming in above teh front window…” – we could easily send a message to Mike and let him know that he could avoid doing that for the rest of the year and in years to come, if his roof was properly equipped with the Alpine Snowguards. 

Or what about @bexxi who said, “The snow is sliding off the roof in loud and dramatic scratching, rumbling rushes. Would hate to hear how loud a “real” avalanche is…” – sounds like Alpine Snowguards is right up their alley.The possibilities are endless with blogging and getting leads for your company, however, because it is such a new approach to lead generation, it is difficult to understand how it works.  Let Business Blog Writers take the time to explain it to you.  We’re here to help your business move forward.

Do you have Alpine Snowguards on your home?  Please leave a comment about them below!

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