Come On Board with Us Urban Pethaus!

by Jenny on December 23, 2009

As a marketing tactic, we’ve decided to do a post for each company we are interested in bringing on board with us. It’s free advertising for them and of course, shows them how passionate we are about bringing them on board with us. Of course, we are interested in writing for companies that we do not know about or have not yet approached, so please contact us if you’re interested.

Along with Litter Lifter, we would also like to write for Urban Pethaus. Urban Pethaus is a company out of Scottsdale, AZ that makes modern pet furniture.

They have some of the hippest styles of pet furniture on the market – like their slant stair or their Urban Pethauscurved perch or their Urban Pethauscurved bed.

The innovation, ingenuity and modernism that go into their furniture provide a multitude of ideas for us for content creation. When we believe in products, we want to support them by writing for them.

We have discussed before how a pet product company could benefit from blogging.  But let’s look at Urban Pethaus in particular:

  • Lead Generation – in terms of lead generation, Urban Pethaus will have more sales based on improving their Google search results through blogging.
  • Product Enhancements – much like the step pads for the slant pet stair, customers or random Internet visitors could suggest improvements or changes to products to enhance them.
  • Product Ideas – if you have a product idea for Urban Pethaus, they would love to hear about it.  A blog could let folks know how open Urban Pethaus is to new ideas like new products.
  • Contest/Sweepstakes – Urban Pethaus could always run a contest of a sweepstakes and in so doing get more publicity from other blogs or other websites, like YouTube.  For example, they could have folks show their cat or dog using an Urban Pethaus product.  If they post the video on YouTube and then link it back to Urban Pethaus – it is a win for Urban Pethaus and a win for the person that has the best video.  The prize might be a specific Urban Pethaus product or perhaps the winner could choose the Urban Pethaus product that they wanted to go with.
  • Product Stories – much like the sweepstakes and contest, you could have folks share their stories about Urban Pethaus products.  If they submit a story of so many words, then they could get a coupon code for 10-20% off of one of the products.  Those stories could then be used as future blog posts.

As Business Blog Writers, we love to write about fun, new, innovative products like the ones that Urban Pethaus produces.  If you have a great innovative product and need someone to blog about it, let us know.

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