Common Mistakes When Writing Blog Posts

by Jenny on February 27, 2013

It’s no secret that content is what drives the Internet. Without it, search queries couldn’t be conducted, buyers wouldn’t know the features of products and search engines would fail to exit. Despite its apparent importance, many webmasters go about developing static content or writing blog posts with the intent of having just “content” instead of “authority content”. Consequently, it’s not uncommon to come across articles that are poorly written and that leave the reader to wonder if the blog content writer was having writer’s block. Some glaring mistakes that can hurt a website’s credibility include:

Spelling Errors: Buyers won’t believe in a product if the description states that it’s “definately the solution”. The negative impact of spelling errors on online sales runs into the millions according to an article published by the BBC in 2011. While some mistakes might be comical to see, they can ruin a website’s credibility if someone decides to use social media to showcase the blunder.  A website’s credibility is measured by how much effort it takes to develop and publish its content. Readers that feel that words are being used in a haphazard manner won’t take its product seriously.

Keyword stuffing: Keyword stuffing is synonymous to giving the reader the middle finger. This practice ruins the online experience and transforms it into one that is repetitious and empty without any true value. You will win the attention of the reader when you hire a blogger or a professional copywriter that knows how to skillfully insert keywords without padding the articles.

Inaccurate information or lack of research:  Too often, “jack of all trades, master of none type of writers” churn out articles that are poorly researched and that contain inaccurate information. A writer that is not willing to spend the time to learn more about your business or reinforce this with research gives your competitors a winning edge over you and your product.  

Don’t settle for just “content”, get “authority content” that puts you ahead of your competitor. With our writing services you will see real improvements in your conversion rates and how clients respond to your product.  

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