Common Traits of the Best Blog Writers

by Jenny on March 12, 2013

Finding the best blog writers can be a hassle if you are looking in the wrong places. Sometimes assignments do not go as planned or the writer cannot convey your message the way you want.  You lose time and resources in the process and in some cases you may be tempted to abandon your project all together. To avoid this, you can observe some traits that an online content writer must have to ensure you get the best professional for your assignments:

  • Determined: A professional blogger or article writer must be determined to meet deadlines and adhere to your project guidelines. This determination is the very thin line between completion and leaving your project in mid-air.
  • Communicative: How often will you hear from your blog writer? Communication is key to provide continual momentum in a project. You should get regular updates about the project to measure progress and make the necessary changes if needed. The quicker this is done, the easier it is to avoid delays and unnecessary spending.
  • Honest: How honest is your blog writer? Do they showcase skills they do not have and then expect you to cover the cost? Long-term working relationships are based on trust. You should be confident that you are receiving accurate information.  
  • Client focused: Is the writer concerned about you as a client or just about the money?  Writers that are client focused will genuinely take the time to understand your business, provide revision and ensure that you are satisfied with their work.

We know how frustrating it can be as a client to get top quality content for blogs. As committed professionals with an established track record, we will work with you closely from start to finish to bring your ideas to life.  

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