Company Blogging Basics

by Jenny on March 29, 2011

Company Blogging BasicsWeb content providers know the value of business blogging. This tool has proven itself to be effective and useful. More and more people patronize a business that has a blog of its own because it reaches out to them and provides them relevant content presented on a personal note.

So what is company blogging all about? Here are the basics:

  • Writers – You can have a team of blog writers or just one dedicated writer to be assigned on your blog. You should choose those who are experts on topics you will be blogging about.
  • Schedule – You must have a publishing calendar that can establish a rhythm with your corporate blog. Regular posting will also encourage your readers to know what to expect each time they visit your blog.
  • Topics – Ideas and subjects of what your blog posts are all about it very important. Readers love blogs that can give them various data that are relevant and unique. you can get inspired by emails, news and what’s happening in your industry.
  • Audience – You have to make sure that your blog will appeal to your target market. Create a blog with them in mind.

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