Compendium Blog Software

by Jenny on November 23, 2009

Compendium Blog Software

At we prefer to use Compendium Blog Software when we write blog posts for companies.  Compendium makes blogging, dummy proof.

The only potential problem with blogging is that it has to be a consistent posting; otherwise you won’t get the benefits of Search Engine Optimization.  Google, Yahoo and the like are big fans of consistent and frequent content.  That’s why blogs have become so popular.

After researching blogging for three years, we have decided that this is the only software to go with if you want to be truly successful with your blogging.

There is a science to blogging, and Compendium has the formula.

Blogging about your business will help:

  • Increase Traffic to Your Site
  • Generate Leads for You
  • Promote New Products or Services
  • Help to Promote Sweepstakes, Promos, Sales
  • Create an audience or a following

If you’d like to set up a demo with Compendium Blog Software, the guy to speak to is Brian Millis.  If you go directly through Brian you will eliminate having to go through their automated system.  The demo is only 30 minutes, and if nothing else, it will educate you further on blogging.

Brian Millis

Compendium Blogware

Phone: 317-777-6254 would love to write for your business if you decide to go with a blog and need writers.  If you think it is feasible** after speaking or emailing with Brian, contact us to let us know.

Dean Solutions, LLC
913-400-3888 Office

**If you have a service or sell a bunch of products in a store, you could always ask one of your top selling manufacturers or another company that you work closely with to sponsor your blog to help you pay for it.  In exchange, we could write posts on your blog for the sponsoring company once a week or per the terms of your agreement with them.

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