Compendium Vs. Content Management Systems

by Jenny on September 30, 2010

Compendium Vs. Content Management SystemsWhy is Compendium distinct from the particular business content management system that many people presently work with? Compendium is a content search engine optimization tool generating search engine-friendly web pages. The actual backend of the Compendium page can be easily used with its search optimization techniques, together with the added advantage that the Compendium team making certain the software is consistently updated with the most effective SEO strategies.

The content material posted to a blog, irrespective of writer or topic, will typically all end up right on one web page. This sort of weblog is definitely more complicated for search engines like Google to find since there are several subjects in one specific location. A website administrator would have to separate content material depending on the writers or perhaps the various categories but the fact still remains that it has to be done manually.

If there are only a few categories, the whole process might be not so difficult. Yet, the reality is that most sites have at least 10 to 20 categories based on the different products, services, or topics, and manually selecting the category and adding in the keywords and keyphrases is time-consuming and tasking. With Compendium, the only real work required is content creation and then approving it before it is published. As soon as an article is approved, the Compendium software will determine based on the keywords and keyphrases which category or categories the article will fall into and distributes them accordingly. As a result, the search phrases will drive high quality traffic and conversion-ready traffic to the site.

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