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by Jenny on January 11, 2010

Sometimes the biggest hurdle to overcome with your blog is with content creation.  There are two underlying problems with content creation:

  1. You don’t know what to write about
  2. You don’t have the time to write

As usual, we, as Business Blog Writers, have the solution for both of these problems.  If you are having an issue of figuring out what to write if you had your own blog, but have no problem actually writing it, then you might think of these steps.

  1. Why was there a need for your product or service?  In other words, write about why you started your product or service.
  2. What is the latest going on in your industry?
  3. What is the latest going on in your company?
  4. What are events or trade shows that you will be attending?  Can you offer your customers a discount for a ticket to attend the trade show?
  5. Are you getting positive testimonials from customers?  Share them on your blog!
  6. Are you getting negative testimonials that are constructive criticism?  Share them on your blog and see if you can get more insight!
  7. Ask customers what they would do to improve your product or service
  8. Ask customers what products or services they would like to see from you.
  9. Ask customers or readers what they want to hear from you, in other words, what other blog posts are they interested in reading?
  10. What knowledge do you have of the industry that you can share with your readers?

Of course, if you are serious about company blogging, then you will never be done with content ideas if you do your blog through Compendium Blogware.  Since Compendium helps you find the relevant keywords that are appropriate for your industry and to maximize your lead generation, then you will have plenty of things to write about!

Now, if your issue has more to do with actually not having the time to write, then we have a very easy solution – HIRE US!  We will write content for you that is published twice a day, three times a day or three times a week.  You pick the frequency and we will deliver.  We prefer to work with Compendium Blogware, but if you have an established blog, then we can go ahead and write for that as well.  Just contact us and let us know what you’re thinking and when you’d like us to start!

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