Content Creation Ideas

by Jenny on October 4, 2010

Content Creation IdeasWriting quality articles isn’t easy and there are many instances that you may encounter difficulty creating the content needed. These professional writing tips will be able to write faster and after some practice, content creation will be easier for you. Here are a few tips on how to write articles in less time:

Write an introduction. The introduction should have a brief overview about what the article is all about and how it will benefit the reader. The first paragraph must have around 50 words.

Write the body of the article. One way to do this is to create “tips”. There is no need to get into specific details, just write the tip and a short description and you will be able to write another 50 words per tip.

Write the conclusion. This is where you place a one sentence summary of what the article was all about and any call to action. This last paragraph will also contain around 50 words.

Use the 5 W’s strategy. To add more content, use ‘who, what, when, where and why’ as the guideline questions to answer. The article will flow and you will be able to fully explain the topic.

Place examples. You can add in a personal experience or site an example to make your explanation easier to understand. The phrases ‘for example’, ‘for instance’ and other similar phrases will enable you to create more content.

With enough quality content, you will be able to climb up the search engine ranks and generate more income. If you are interested in hiring a professional blog writer, you may ask for a free quote.

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