Content Creation Tools that Boost Online Exposure

by Jenny on February 15, 2013

Getting your content before the right audience requires careful planning, strategy and the use of performance indicators to make adjustment when necessary. While most people are able to hire content writers to shape the structure of their content, it is usually a challenge to write high value content and get it exposed. Some of the content creation tools you can use to get pass this hurdle are:

  • Google Keywords Tool: All content you intend to create must be properly optimized with the right type of keywords. This is only possible if you use Google Keywords Tool to assess the demand, competition and profitability for the keywords or key phrases you intend to market. The tool also allows you to see trends for certain geographic location and thus be better informed about your chances in that area.
  • YouTube: YouTube is a free tool that allows you to reach a large audience through video marketing. For many search queries it occupies the highest ranks on search engine pages and is used and seen by many people. When you write descriptions for your videos and use Google Keywords Tool to assess the best keywords to use, you increase the chances of reaching the right audience.
  • Online Thesaurus: The online thesaurus might appear to be nothing else than a tool used by nerds, but it is far more than that. When used with Google Keyword Tool, you can formulate the best LSI terms to use with your main keywords. The online thesaurus gives you a list of related searches which are synonyms to avoid keyword stuffing and make your content more credible in search engines. You can use with blog writing, article writing and even product description writing.

Boost your online exposure by allowing us to develop the content we know that sells and gets people’s attention.  We know the tricks of the trade and will use ethical techniques to make you business stand out.

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