Content Creation Tools Used by Professional Writers

You can hire just any writer to create your content for you; there are certainly enough of them to be found online. But the question you have to ask yourself is whether or not they have the right tools to create the right kind of content for you. Nobody can do their job without the right tools, and there are certain content creation tools that are necessary if you want quality content. When you hire a professional writer, these will already be built into their own toolbox, and that will shine through in their writing.

So what tools are those?

Concept development
Many writers think that concept development is simply coming up with a topic to write about. In fact, it’s much more than that. Concept development, when referring to online writing, is the ability to come up with different keywords that can be seamlessly woven into the writing. These keywords, while not important to the readership, are important to the search engines and are a large part in determining where you website ends up in the engines’ rankings. Not only do we at BBW rely on different keyword tools such as Google Keyword, we also draw on our extensive experience to help you create keywords that can be used in any writing we do.

Brainstorming is the tool our professional writers will draw on when determining the topics for your content. Ideas supplied by the business owner are always used, but our writers can also help those having trouble coming up with their own. We don’t rely on simply researching topics that have been covered over and over again, though. We’ll dig deep, to come up with new topics that haven’t yet been covered and that are interesting to readers. This is what will keep people coming back again and again; because you’ll be the only website that provides that new and interesting content.

Content development
Not to be confused with concept development, content development refers to all the content within your blog. Writers who haven’t been in the business for very long often rely on simply writing content – paragraph after paragraph. This is considered the “old school” method to content creation. Today’s content needs to be broken down for readers. It needs to include bullet point lists, headings and subheadings. And most importantly, it also needs to include images. At BBW we’ll incorporate all of these factors when developing your content. We can pull from YouTube videos, find you images, and set the content up so there’s lots of white space – something readers love because they can see everything at a glance.

All of these are the tools that are needed for content creation; and you’ll only get them when you use professional writers. At BBW writing is what we do, but it’s not all we do. We also ensure that alongside our unique and interesting content, there are also images and other media to keep the reader interested; and that the layout of the actual page will hold the reader’s interest. That’s why when you’re looking for the professionals with a fully equipped toolbox to do what they do, you don’t need to look any further than right here at Business Blog Writers.

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