Content Marketing Services: Why So Many Fail to Give You the Traction You Need

by Jenny on May 20, 2013

Content must be marketed for you to compete effectively online. This involves much more than having a Twitter account and sending a few random tweets during the week.  To get the most out of content, some people may opt to use content providers to write the articles they need and hire separate content marketing services to do the marketing. This is still not the silver bullet to survive it online, because even with high quality content, relevant buzz cannot be generated with the wrong marketing approach. Some of the most common reasons why some marketing services fail are:

1. Not Sensitive to Audience
Your article writer must be sensitive to your audience and this rule also applies for content marketers. Important factors such as age, demographics, tone of content and product details should be weighed prior to writing any article or product description.  The more you know the audience, the easier it is to meet their needs and channel the tone of the article. Writing and marketing with the wrong audience in mind can seriously undermine your efforts to stay online and make a profit.

SEO should be done with your audience in mind since search queries indicate the type of demand for a certain product. These queries will indicate how your SEO content writing will unfold and therefore how competitive you are online.

2. Lack of Synchronized Timing
Timing is important when it comes to online marketing. This fact is clearly seen when you are using different marketing channels to market your products and articles. You want to ensure that the marketing is synchronized to some extent so as to avoid delivering the right message at the wrong time. An example of effective synchronized timing would be sending updates on Twitter and Facebook about the same content or product. When this happens you are more likely to get more attention for your products from people that genuinely want your services.

3. Wrong Type of Freelance Content Writers
Some marketers offer the service of writing your content for you. However, again the issue of your audience is brought into perspective and just how effective these professionals are in communicating to your target market. Some freelance writers put article writing and spinning on the same level. For them it is more about getting quantity, than actually generating quality content to reach your audience. You need to ensure that the marketing service is keen on providing well-researched articles and not just filler content to get back links. You should not accept filler content when you outsource content writing. Quality is key to win the confidence of your readers and to show that you are an expert in the industry.

4. Wrong Type of Marketing Channels
Not all marketing channels should be used for content. Popular article submission websites may not be effective in getting page views as guest posting is. Twitter on the other hand limits the number of words you can use in tweets and this also affects how many page views you get. Whether you are marketing your blog writing or adding new pages to your website, the best marketing channel should be used to get promising results.

Getting your content before the right type of people is just one more step in Internet Marketing. By connecting the dots between content creation and marketing you can use the Internet to your advantage.

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