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When business owners are considering putting up new pages on their website or getting a blog to complement that site, they often wonder why they’d hire anyone else to do it for them. After all, who knows your business better than you? And who can speak about industry topics better or more efficiently than you? There may be content writers out there that can do all of that, but hiring a content writing service will get you so much more than just words on your website; because they know about writing content meant specifically for online purposes.

Content writers today know the ins and outs of online writing and more importantly, that there are two different kinds of readers for that content: search engine spiders, and actual visitors. Writing for the people that visit your page is where the creative process comes in, and a good way with words will get you very far. This is the part that you may even be able to do yourself for your own site. And because you know your industry inside and out, you may arguably even be better able to do it than some content writers. However, that only covers one type of reader and if you rely on that group alone, it’s going to be awfully difficult to promote your website and get more traffic.

That’s because in addition to being appealing to people that visit, your site also needs to be attractive to the search engine spiders. These are the tools that are going to place your website high in the search rankings, and bring your site the instant exposure to the millions that you’re looking for. But you’ll only get that if you know what those spiders are looking for. Wit and personality won’t score you many points with them, but knowing how to use keywords and other SEO tactics will.

Do you know how many keywords you need, on average, per page in order to get the attention of the search engines? Do you know how many is considered too many, and will actually get you penalized? Do you know how to find the best keywords for you, or what local keywords are? A good content writer does, and they’ll be able to incorporate all of that knowledge throughout their witty content. They’ll be able to fill your site with helpful, useful information – to both visitors and the search engines.

Whether you want to update your site, get a new site off the ground, or just need help revamping your site to get the attention of visitors and search engines, we at Business Blog Writers can help. We have an entire staff of qualified writers, each specialized in certain areas and industries so that we can provide you with the best writer for your business and your website. Why call anyone else, when we can provide you with all of your content writing needs right here? Contact us today to find out more!

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