Creative Calls-To-Action To Gain More Leads

by Jenny on March 20, 2012

When it comes to getting blog readers to take action, you've got to have effective Calls-To-Action or CTAs.  CTAs are doorways to getting your reader to buy your product or to inquire about your service, which is why writing skills and method of approaches used by article writers are very important.

This basically means that you need to get creative and adjust according to how you present your CTAs depending on the product or service you want to market and who you plan to sell it to. For example, you can employ this strategy by differentiating one CTA from another – perhaps have a rolling ad and see which one is clicked on the most.  Or make the promo code within the CTA different for each banner and then through the sales you can tell which promo code stood out the most.

One thing you should always remember – each CTA should be relevant to its placement in your website.  Having a CTA both in the wiriting as well as in an image on the side bar is helpful.  The image banner should be eye-catching, perhaps offering some sort of discount or asking them to phone a specific number to learn more.

We offer various services when it comes to creating web content and we always include your CTAs in our writing so that your blog is effective. Contact us now for a free quote.

Have you experimented with CTAs?  What strategies have you found to  be helpful?

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