Do You Own Exclusive Rights to Your Blog Writing?

If you’ve hired a writer to do your blog writing for you, do you know if you have exclusive rights to all content that’s handed in to you? Do you even know what exclusive rights are, or if you need them? They’re very important, and if you’re planning on hiring any content writer, you should ask about exclusive rights upfront.

Exclusive rights simply mean that you have exclusive rights to that content – no one else can copy it or use it, unless they have your expressed permission to do so. If you’re clear about this and don’t make sure that you’ll retain exclusive rights to all content, the blog writer can go on to use that same piece for other projects, or even just to use as a sample on their own site to promote their writing.

Once you’ve paid in full, it is understood that the content you’re purchasing is yours and yours alone. However to avoid the technicality, and save yourself from having to hire another writer in the near future, it’s best to always ask any writer upfront about exclusive rights.

But how does it hurt you if the writer resells work they turned in for you?

Some website owners aren’t bothered by the fact that content is sometimes resold. They figure that they’ve already paid for it and the content is already up on their site. So who is it hurting if one or two articles show up on another website? Well, you could actually be the one that it hurts most.

This is because while you may not mind having duplicate content up on your site, another website owner might. And if they come across your content online and recognize it as content up on their site, they could report your site for copyright issues, regardless of the fact that it was up on your site first. Should that happen, it could hurt your business, and your website could even be shut down.

This is why it’s so important for you to specifically ask if you’ll have exclusive rights to any and all content. If not, you must make sure that it’s clearly expressed in writing that either you or the writer plans on reselling the content, and that all purchasing parties are named and agreed upon.

At Business Blog Writers, we will never under any circumstances resell any content that’s written for you. Our team takes such care to customize any and all writing, and tailor it specifically to your business, that content written for you really wouldn’t do much good to anyone else anyway. But you can be sure that even any general info we provide for you will always be 100% yours, and only yours. Call us and let us start writing it for you now!

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