Do You Suffer from Social Media Depression at Work?

by Jenny on February 13, 2013

Guest Post by Becky Wilcox

These days everybody has a Facebook account, a Twitter account, and a blog. Most even have accounts on sites like LinkedIn, Reddit, Pinterest, etc. It’s good that we’re finding ways to connect with each other. Unfortunately, due to the addictive nature of these sites (“what are my friends saying now?” you ask every half an hour before surreptitiously using your phone to check in) our productivity at work has gone way down. This is why so many employers are cracking the whip about social media and its online cousins: social bookmarking and blogging on the workplace’s computer network.

So what do you do? How can you bring your productivity back up and sate your social media addiction?

Why not take that addiction and use it to fuel productivity at work? It’s not as silly as it might seem. There are just as many professional reasons to be on social media as there are personal reasons. Do you really think high level professionals like lawyer Morgan Chu stay away from social media? Of course not! They embrace it! They have simply found a way to use their fondness for good instead of for slacking.

When you feel the need to check in on Facebook, take a moment to check out your company’s Facebook feed. Has it been updated recently? If not, why not post something? If it has, you can check in on the comments and feedback that are being left on the post and start working on any problems that might have popped up.

Are you feeling that Twitter twitch? Don’t just check out your own company’s Twitter feed. Look at the Twitter feeds of a few of your bigger competitors. Are they talking about any industry developments? Have they shared any insights with their followers? Read a few of the links they’ve posted and see if that information is applicable where you work.

Do you feel inspired and want to write up a blog post? Why not contribute to or start a blog for your business or the company for which you work? This way you can blog at work and get paid for it! It will also give you an excuse to continue to read blogs—as long as those blogs relate to your work field. You can even comment and use the URL box in the comment form to point back to your company’s blog for link building purposes.

LinkedIn and Reddit can also be used for professional and research purposes while you are at work.

The trick, you see, isn’t finding a way to go without that social media fix. The trick is to find a way to turn it into something productive for you professionally. Good luck!


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