Don’t Just Buy Blog Posts-Buy Original Blog Posts

by Jenny on February 14, 2013

Private Label Rights (PLR) and Master Resale Rights (MRR) articles took the online community by storm, but very few webmasters only realized their dangers when it was too late.  High bounce rate, poor click-through-rate, low sales, and search engine penalization are just some of the consequences of using PLR and MRR to fill the content pages on your website or as an off-site marketing tool. While some people only set out to buy blog posts at the cheapest possible rate, having the same content as thousands of other websites is a costly investment. Your content should be unique and aligned with your brand identity. It should not be something that it easily found on other websites.

When investing in content creation you want to have an advantage with it. PLR and MRR do not give you the advantage you need to compete online. They are a quick option when you want to use filler content to publish your website; however, creating web content that has an impact takes time and should not be rushed if you want to enjoy its long-term benefits.

Chances are you may have even thought about buying PLR or MRR articles with the sole intent to getting ideas or re-writing them. While they may be used to get ideas, it’s not prudent to rewrite them since they are usually poorly optimized with keywords and may not necessarily have the message you want to transmit to your clients. Furthermore, the research that is usually done to write PLR and MRR is generally very superficial and may not add much value to your online brand. If you want to showcase authority content, then PLR and MRR are not the options to use—well-written, original content is.

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