Don’t Outsource Content Writing to the Wrong People

by Jenny on April 3, 2013

The world of writing has evolved considerably in the last decades. Gone are the days when you had to queue to wait until a renowned writer completed orders for content creation. Now, with just a few clicks, some money on your credit card and a project description, writers come to you. And they do come. Some are established freelance content writers with a knack with words that puts even Shakespeare to shame. And then there are those that are just trying to make it in the freelance world. This latter group doesn’t necessarily love writing, aren’t too passionate about it, but they still manage to get some orders and pad their wallet at the end of the month.

But then there is this third group, the group with the cheap price tag, the broken English and, if Shakespeare forbids, with little regard for copyright infringement. This group will shamelessly copy content, re-write it and then attach a cheap price tag to it. Sadly, it is this group that many webmasters gravitate to with the hope of cutting costs. They soon find out that they outsourced to the wrong people and have to spend more money to get things right with another writer.  So, should you spend on blog writing services or website content to get quality and avoid the cheap route? The answer is yes.

Outsourcing to the wrong types of writer not only wastes your time it also gives your competitor a leading edge.  If you want to remain online for many years to come you cannot have any known loophole that can be used by your competitor. When you outsource content to companies that provide web content writing service, you should think of the brand you are trying to establish and determine if the writer you plan to hire can represent it in their writing.

Content creation tools that involve spinning content by some writer with the hope of cutting the number of hours they spend writing large orders, are not effective.  They eventually get the work done, but each piece of content generated from these tools will not do justice to the service and products you offer your clients. Some are also so bent on SEO content writing that the writing lacks a seamless flow and comes across as forced and poorly written.

Outsourcing can be effective when the right types of people are used to promote your business. This is why your brand and your products should be at the forefront of your mind when selecting freelance blog writers. Price should not the magnet that attracts you to hire a professional, even though it does matter at the end of the day. You want authentic, high quality content that gives you valuable leads at the end of the month. You want people to read your content and believe you are an expert. You also want them to share and recommend your content to others. This is only possible when you establish a clear outline with your requirements and hire a competent professional to deliver.

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