Don’t Put all Your Eggs in One Basket When Considering Content Marketing Services

by Jenny on April 11, 2013

Effective content marketing services will pull traffic from various sources. That said, you must ensure that your blog or website is not dependent on one particular type of traffic source. By diversifying your traffic sources you stay relevant online and to the online community. If you fail to bear this in mind, then not only are you losing a valuable part of the market segment from a particular platform, you are also vulnerable to certain changes.

A professional blogger will bring your content before a diversified market segment by using social media, guest posting and other forms of content marketing to reach a larger audience.  However, some blog and websites generally rely on search engine traffic as their major traffic source. While good organic traffic through search engines is an indication that you are reaching the online community, it can quickly dwindle when there are any changes to algorithms that affect websites and blogs.

Content for blogs and websites can be advertised across different platforms. Many are usually free, which point to their low-cost advantage as a possible game changers when used correctly. A webmaster that puts most of his eggs in one basket is less competitive than one that uses different platforms to market his products. This factor should be taken into consideration whether you have an e-commerce website or are just providing general information to the online community. Since search engines also use social signals to measure your online presence, it is important that you create traffic from different sources to be better ranked.

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