Elements Your Business Blog Should Have

by Jenny on June 15, 2010

Company blogging is in demand in today’s online marketing world. If your company has a corporate weblog site, your readers’ expectations of the blog is much higher than compared with personal blogs. Your readers will always look for updated and interesting content on your corporate weblog.

It is necessary for all company blogging sites to know specific design fundamentals and essentials so employees and readers will participate in the corporate weblog. Following are some of the corporate blogging tips your businesses should have.

  • E-mail Subscribe – this is an important part in building readership for your corporate weblog. Subscribe options should be easily accessed and found.
  • Custom Header – your company blog will stand out if you have a custom header like your website – in other words, it should be very similar to your website’s so that there is little distinction and so that you can stick with your company’s branding. Things to consider are: the logo, navigation, subscribe options; twitter stats, social icons for profile, search functionality and banner space.
  • Clear Navigation – a concise and clear navigation with few categories keeps your blog crisp and clean.
  • Comments – it is important to provide users several ways to comment and participate in your social media blog. This way they will be able to present their views which may be of help to the company’s goals.
  • Icons for social media – try to use them throughout your homepage including individual posts since this will permit the readers to share content easily with everybody.
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