Emotional Content Creation: How Words Spur Action

by Jenny on May 9, 2013

Content creation must connect with shared values for it to be effective. If not, then you won’t make sales or even if you do, the amount will be below your intended projection. By using an emotional approach to content creation you increase the chances of reaching your audience. This requires some degree to tact to avoid the casual colloquialisms that have become so engrained into the mind of readers that they have very little effect, if not none at all.

Therefore, words such as "the best product", "value for your money", "your one stop shop", "best company" are words that have meaning from a literal sense, but fail to deliver the impact needed to close a sale due to repetitions across various platforms. Unless the reader can use other details provided to substantiate other aspects of the product you are selling, you will fail to garner the interest of the crowd. Experiences freelance blog writers know the importance of selecting the right types of words for your audience so that you get the results you want.

Business blog writers use visual appeal through YouTube videos that are correctly optimized with the right keywords to reach your audience. We go beyond the typical approach to blogging and business to ensure the emotional impact of your message makes a difference in the purchase decision of your audience. We believe that content marketing is more than just writing some words and including keywords, a reader’s or viewer’s emotions should be aligned with different forms of media to get a message across.

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