Enhancing Digital Asset Management by Widen

by Jenny on February 28, 2011

Enhancing Digital Asset Management by WidenFor Widen, digital asset management is a task that they have skillfully mastered. For companies who want more from their digital assets, Widen facilitates how every asset can be useful in many ways.

As one of our clients, we have the privilege of showing several aspects involved in the process of managing digital assets through Widen’s company blog. Some of these aspects are on previews for archived items, search tool optimization, user profiles and security. Through our purposeful blog writing service, these aspects are discussed and explained in terms that are easy to understand because as third party writers, we have the opportunity to learn their business as a new client would. This kind of writing can attract more people to read Widen’s blog and create a following who will be waiting for more updates.

As part of our seo writing service, a list of selected keywords are also used for optimization of Widen’s blog on search engines. An ideal rank would be to land on the first page of the search engine results after a potential customer or reader uses a keyword from Widen’s list.

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