Even 5 More Reasons to Love Compendium’s Content Marketing Services

by Jenny on December 29, 2011

Alrighty, one more post since you demanded it. 

Including this post, I have given you 20 reasons to love Compendium.  I am ready to hear the reasons why you love Compendium – so shoot.

  • Images: As an online retailer, images are everything. Compendium’s system allows you to include a clickable link to the item that is embedded in the photo.  So in other words, they can click right on the photo to be taken to the product.  Genius.
  • Word Count: Compendium automatically tallies the word count, so that you can know the length of your post and meet necessary word count requirements.  And these requirements vary based on the nature of your business.
  • Analytics: Accessible within the system itself.  Love that we can see how our writing is performing without having to ask the client.
  • Social Promotions: If your company has a Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn account, then you can have every single blog post promoted through those vehicles, giving your cotent more bang for it’s buck.
  • Leaderboard: Want to see who in your organization has the most posts?  Compendium’s system lets you do that – and lets other users see it too, so what happens is that you end up with a healthy competition to keep folks in your organization writing.

I have to admit, we have become somewhat snotty about the blogging freeware programs out there.  Why fuss with something when you don’t have to.  Compendium helps our writing go further without us having to do anything, so why wouldn’t we adore it?

Whether you are looking for article writers or freelance content writers, we can help with whatever your content creation goals are.  And if you combine that with Compendium’s superior platform, then you have just set yourself up with success.

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