Focusing On Your Human Readership

by Jenny on June 12, 2013

A leading researcher of Internet search technology famously predicted in 2012 that SEO practices as we understand them in 2013 would be fundamentally different by 2015. The major players in the search industry, such as Google, would reposition the search technologies so that content geared exclusively to gain rank status in the search engines would be identified as such and its effect on search results minimized. 
That's not to say that keywords and sophisticated techniques involving linking won't mean anything anymore. However, they will only be responsibly for a minor percentage of the final results. Instead, links pointing directly to the content and direct referrals from social media will drive the search results. 
To be clear, content marketing is how businesses reach out to potential new clients and expose their brand. Blogging, social media, multimedia content (such as Youtube) and digital publications like eBooks and slideshows are all elements of contemporary content marketing. In conjunction with content marketing is SEO, or search engine optimization. SEO is the art of optimizing content and a business web presence to ensure searchers see the business at the top of the list when using search engines. This means that good SEO has to account for the many terms and phrases searchers might use to look for your product or service. Content must be optimized to match for specific vocabulary.
The best content marketing relies heavily on thorough, competent research. In fact, the best writers only spend about a quarter of their time doing the actual writing. At least half of the total time should go to research and planning around the content. This ensures that the information presented by the content is something that human readers will value and come to rely on and not just something that the machines recognize for the search engines.
The other point to focus on for good content marketing is the audience. The best content focuses on the clients, both current and prospective. That means that style, voice and context is critical when targeting your readership. Choosing the right topic, putting the content in the preferred format, and using a voice that matches the personalities of your readership are all crucial to successful content marketing. 
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