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by Jenny on November 10, 2010

Building a relationship with your readers will ensure that you will have loyal followers of your blog. Instead of having to find a new audience every time, keep the old ones and get more new ones. This an effective Internet marketing strategy that many bloggers ignore.

Turning your visitors into loyal visitors takes more than having an e-mail capture and convincing them to subscribe to your blog updates. They might get tired of the constant e-mails that they get as the information might not be interesting to them. After you capture their emails, you have to give your reader more interesting material for them to return.

There are many blog sites that have a lot of information and the latest news about the niche has been proven to be able to spur the interest of a reader. If a person finds your blog helpful and informative, they might bookmark it, remember your domain name, or do a Google search to find your blog site again. Loyal readers are valued clients and even if they don’t buy your products or avail of the service that you offer, they bring quality traffic to your site.

There are a few other things that you can do to have followers like having regular contests, allowing them to say their opinions by means of commenting, entertaining their feedback and ensuring that you have timely and relevant content. You may need to hire the services of professional writers to do your content creation. If you are interested in hiring a blog writer, you may ask for a free quote.

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