Four Reasons You Should Make the Most of Guest Posting With the Best Blog Writers

by Jenny on May 16, 2013

Seasoned and even new website owners know that backlinking is essential to improve page rank and get more exposure. However, many generally turn their attention to article submission websites to avoid having to scour the internet to find blogs or websites that are willing to consider guest posting. What they fail to realize is that with the numerous updates to search engine algorithms, many of these article submission websites are no longer the “hit” to improve page rank. Instead they are nothing more than content databases that generate profit from submitted content through Google Adsense and affiliate marketing. They basically have nothing to lose, but website owners do even if they know everything about SEO content writing.

If you’ve been playing with the thought of creating back links here are five reasons why you should consider guest posting.

1. Far Less Competition
Article submission websites are competitive. While you may successfully create free backlinks on most of them, the audience is very limited compared to the many submissions they get in the same niches. Many people are linking from them and in some cases using re-written content done by a spammy online content writer. Therefore, they lack credibility on many scales. You will, therefore, not get much audience to boost demand for your products.

When you guest post on a reputable website that features high quality content and has a high page rank, then you increase your exposure and look more credible to search engines. You can hire the best blog writers to ensure that your content is well-written and informative.

2. Better SEO strategy
Websites owners that enjoy a high page rank do their homework to ensure that the best SEO strategy is being used. You will benefit from this knowing that all the keyword research, link building and social media promotion are all done for you.  Some use freelance blog writers to help reduce the workload and provide regular content updates on a daily basis.

Some websites that accept guest posting may even suggest the keywords you should use in your articles. This better guides you while writing or even if you decide to outsource content writing and increases your chances of standing out. You have to do your own homework to find the best keywords to use if you use article submission websites to generate content. You get real SEO value when you guest post and not poor quality back links.

3. Loyal Audience
Article submission websites do not necessarily have a loyal audience that subscribes to RSS or even updates in certain niches. Websites that accept guest post generally do, because they use social media and other forms of Internet Marketing to reach more people. You can take advantage of this loyal audience, because they already know the brand of the company and its services. Depending on how they market the website your content will also come before potential clients as well. The type of audience they have will depend largely on the products they offer.

4 Far Less  Hits from Algorithms Updates
A website that is using ethical SEO strategies and not accepting any type of spammy content from users will hardly feel the effects of algorithm updates. They do not use content creation tools such as article spinners, but hire established content providers to craft content. The same is not true for article submission websites which have to double up their efforts to avoid receiving poorly written articles that have repetitious keywords throughout. These websites are not seen as experts to visitors, but only somewhere to read content. Reputable websites that accept guest posts are seen as experts if they provide quality content.

The landscape of SEO has shifted significantly and now guest posting is worth the effort to build your online credibility and generate demand in the process. The more links and articles you have on reputable websites the higher the chances of getting relevant leads for your efforts.

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