Freelance Content Writers

You may already have someone within your company that is willing to write and publish the pages for your website. Maybe they even have an especially good way with words, and perhaps they also have a keen interest in being the one to do the writing. You will still need freelance content writers to work on your site. Why? Because putting up an outstanding website and then just letting it sit there online isn’t good enough.

Visitors who come to your site don’t ever want to see the same thing they saw on it last time. And while it’s acceptable to keep the main landing pages of your website the same for a longer period of time, it’s not at all acceptable to do this with your blog. Readers want new information all the time, and they want it fast. After all, this is the information age isn’t it? If they keep coming back to the same stale information and blog posts, they’ll leave. And they’ll find one of your competitors who can deliver new content regularly.

The search engine spiders also don’t like to see the same old posts sitting on your blog all the time. They have different criteria they use in order to rank your page, and determine where it sits in the search engine page rankings. Fresh, new content is one of these criteria and it’s one that’s given a very high value by the spiders. If they don’t see that you’ve been regularly posting, your page won’t make it to those search results, and even fewer visitors will come to your page.

So what does all this have to do with the guy in accounting that’s itching to write your webpages for you?

Simply, he doesn’t have the time. New content should be going up somewhere on your site at least three to four times a week, and preferably every day. This is why the industry of freelance writing has become so big within the last several years. No one has time to do that on their own when they already have a job, and so it’s necessary to hire a writer or team of writers in order to help you do it. Just like you  hire a cleaning company because you don’t have time to clean the office yourself, you probably also don’t have time to be sitting around and writing content (and neither does that guy from accounting.)

So what are you to do?

Contact us at Business Blog Writers! We have a full team of experienced writers, and we can find one that’s knowledgeable about your business, and that may have even written for your industry before. We’ll free up all that time you need, and we’ll deliver superior content that’s exactly what your blog or website needs. Don’t lose any more time, call or email us today!

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