Frequently Asked Questions about Business Blogs – Part 1

by Jenny on July 1, 2010

How do you define corporate weblog?
A business blog, also known as company weblog, is a form of web page where you can post updates of your latest company information. Usually it contains business insights, discoveries and great ideas about your business or the industry that you’re in. Every blog opening is normally short, concise and direct to the point. Most of the time business blogs are supplemented with links to call to action points.

In what ways are business blogs being used?
Traditionally, personal blogs are used like person’s online diary. But with business blogs, they are used as information dissemination to their regular and prospective customer. A blog also serves as an advertisement as well as promotion for your company’s current services or products being offered to your valued customers.

What is needed to set a business blog?
You’ll want to go with a web-related software that is specifically set up for blogging.  We recommend Compendium Blogware or if your budget is a little tighter, then you’ll want to go with WordPress.

Content creation is a must and we can certainly help you with that.  Be sure to request a free blog writing quote for your company from us.

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