Generate Leads – Not Just Online Visitors with Blog Writing!

by Jenny on May 3, 2013

Organic traffic plays an important role in the amount of online visitors that come to your website through searchresults. When SEO content writing is correctly coupled with digital content creation then you are more likely to increase the amount of organic visitors that find your website through search queries and links. However, many webmasters generally focus on this audience and call it a day. They fail to have a plan in place to not only generate relevant organic traffic, but also to turn this traffic into leads. The result of this is that they lose various opportunities to reach the visitor once they leave the website. Here are some ways to generate leads and not just online visitors:

  • Call to Action: Do you have a solid call to action in place that allows the visitor to share their personal details for you to use later? If not, then you are allowing hundreds if not thousands of online visitors to slip through your fingers without any possibility to do a follow up. When you have an effective call to action, you are more likely to reach out at a later date and therefore increase your online presence.
  • Allow Commenting: Commenting may seem like a pain to have, but turning it off on digital or written content smothers your chances of showing expertise and targeting specific requests.  By allowing commenting, you increase the activity on your blog and positively influence your online exposure. Whether you hire content providers for blog writing or decide to do it yourself, commenting should be left on to help you generate leads.

Your focus online should not just be to get online visitors. It should be to get visitors and have methods in place to ensure you can follow through with the leads.

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