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by Jenny on March 14, 2013

Google Adsense and Chitika are two powerful options that can be used to generate passive income on your website. There is no limit to how many people can sign up to their programs which means even someone with a simple, yet professional-looking website can have the opportunity to earn money online.  While both adopt different approaches to online advertising, there is one important ingredient that determines their relevance: your content. When your content is optimized with the right types of keywords, then you increase your chances to get the better results. It is important that you get the best blog writers to ensure that targeted results are met. Some important points to bear in mind include:

  • Don’t target too many keywords on one page: Limit the amount of keywords you intend to use on your website pages. You should instruct any content writing service you hire to use a low keywords density so that the article is no stuffed with keywords.  You make it easier to showcase ads that are relevant to your niche when the keywords are limited as opposed to a wide spread.
  • Know which to use: Google and Chitika are different programs and both are not ideal for some types of websites. Google Adsense is usually preferred among website owners that have plenty content since the featured ads are based on the keywords in the articles. Chitika on the other hand is popular among websites that provide reviews about products because the option exists to see images of certain products in their ads. Additionally, Chitika uses search queries to showcase ads with the intent of keeping them relevant to your audience.  

When using either Google Adsense or Chitka to generate online income it is important that SEO content writing is used. The more relevant your keywords to search queries the higher the chances of getting more clicks on text-based ads and even banners.

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