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by Jenny on November 2, 2010

Before you start a website, it is only wise to find out what your expenses will be. Unless you have a free blog like those that are offered by Squidoo or Blogspot, you might be one of those who have made the decision that you need to own your own domain name and have a website to be able to promote your business properly.

Many people are stuck with the notion that if a business has no site, it doesn’t really exist. Owning a website can help make your company’s presence be known and is an effective way to promote your enterprise. Having your own website and blog can help you save a lot of money on printing brochures and other advertising expenses and can even help you generate more income when you get to bring to your site the converting traffic that you need.

There are two sites that people frequently use to buy a domain name which are GoDaddy and NameCheap. Of course, before deciding between which of the two to use you will look at the track record, the quality of service, and the price. When you choose your web host, the same factors will be the ones that will help you decide. One thing to take into consideration is the blogging platform that you will use. You might want to find out more about Compendium and what the advantages are of using this blogging platform.

Another thing that you have to consider is the content creation of your site. Quality content with the right keyword density can help you drive the high converting traffic that you need. You might want to find out how much it will cost to hire a professional writer by asking for a free quote.

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