Getting the Winning Edge with a Product Description Copywriter

by Jenny on February 12, 2013

A product’s description can make a difference between numerous shopping carts being checked out on your website, or your competitor getting some extra clients. This is only possible when a product description copywriter uses the art of descriptive writing to sell the key benefits of the products. So how can a professional do this?

  1. SEO Product Descriptions: SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and it is a valuable internet marketing technique that is used to deliver results for specific search queries. In content writing, this is possible when the right types of keywords are used and a certain keyword density is maintained. When someone searches for the keywords or key phrases that are in the product description then the chances of your content getting their attention is increased if it optimized correctly and with the right content. This gives you a winning edge over your competitor.
  2. Using the “why care” factor: This is an important factor that tells potential clients that this product is for them. A product description that is laced with fancy adjectives doesn’t answer a need or present the “why care” concept. This defeats the whole purpose of web content writing service. By using the “why care” factor in product description writing clients know the key benefits of a product and how it will attend to their needs. Usually the most important facts are presented in a creative manner at the top of the product description and the least to the end.
  3. Uniqueness: Search engines LOVE original content that shows authority in a certain niche. With the numerous products descriptions that are copied across the Internet, you can show that you have something different to offer by presenting unique, original content that your competitors don’t  have. As a team of talented writers we can write unique descriptions even if you sell numerous forms of the same product.

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