Give Me 45 Minutes — And I’ll Show Unbelievable Business Blogging

by Jenny on August 17, 2012

It's a bold title.  But "truer" words have never been spoken:  Give me 45 minutes — an I'll show you unbelievable business blogging. 

Exhibit A is the Apple iPhone.  The highly anticipated iPhone 5 reportedly will have a new 19-pin connector, replacing the old 30-pin connector that has been the Apple standard since the first i-Phone was introduced in 2003.  Why should you care?  It will be a bonanza for accessory makers, who will soon have the opportunity to sell new widgets compatible to the iPhone 5.  Meanwhile, current iPhone users will soon have another incompatible device on their hands.  Planned obsolescence has been around a long time.  High-tech companies have simply taken it to a new art form.  Your smart phone is like a new car.  Both are depreciating assets the moment you put them in-service.   Businesses wage a constant battle to avoid product obsolescence.

Your business can not profit from static product displays.  Big-box, in-store retailers have long recognized that repositioning their merchandise helps boost sales.  The same concept applies to your company's web site.  Digital content creation that emphasizes new promotions and displays will help generate more traffic.  Hiring a content marketing service that knows how to spur the maximum number of hits to your web site via SEO product descriptions must be an indispensable part of your overall business strategy.

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