Guide to Reputation Management with a Content Writing Company

by Jenny on March 8, 2013

A stained online reputation can dampen the chances of getting people interested in your products or services. But what if the bad reputation you now have is some deliberate ploy from a competitor to ruin your image and get your clients? How do you reestablish your online credibility and remove the black spot that is currently hindering you? The answer is by hiring a credible content writing company that knows the intricacies of reputation management. Some additional tips to bear in mind to make this a success include:

  • Do some soul searching: You first need to be genuine about your reputation to ensure there are no real flaws that can be used as loopholes in the future. It is not wise to hire freelance content writers for reputation management, if you still have sloppy customer service, do not honor your money back guarantee for legitimate causes or do not accurately represent your products or services. In essence your reputation management needs to start in house before your move outward. It is also a good idea to reach out to the clients involved and show that you have made a real attempt to handle the situation.
  • Use SEO content writing: SEO content writing is important in reputation management. You will need to discover all the keywords and key phrases that have been used in articles and use these and others in a positive light to boost you reputation. You will also need to see the websites were negative reviews were published and publish positive ones there. Publishing to websites with a high page rank is important to repair a sullied reputation.

With some planning and good article writing you can remove the negativity that is ruining your online reputation. This may require months of work depending on how often the negative review is appearing in search results and the keywords that are keeping it there. You will also need lots of patience to see results as search engines are updated within three months to reflect changes to website rankings. Therefore, getting your reputation right the first time is important.

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