Hiring a Blog Content Writer? Look for More Than Just Catchy Phrases

If you’re hiring a blog content writer of course you want to make sure that the writing is creatively done, that it gets your point across clearly, and that its presence on your blog will help your business grow. But while you’re looking through that content, remember that there’s more to look for than just wittiness and good grammar.

Have you used a blog writer in the past that handed in content that sounded choppy, and just didn’t flow nicely? While it may be free of spelling errors and include perfect grammar, it just doesn’t sound right or even make sense? If that’s happened to you, then the content you’ve been receiving very well could have been spun. Article spinning is not an ethical practice in any kind of content writing, but unfortunately it is a tactic that some online writers use.

Article spinning is when an individual copies an article from online and literally just pastes it into a software program. That program will jumble it up, making it 100% unique and original content, with very little time, effort, or actual writing on the part of the “writer.” And while this may be a good way to churn out a lot of content at one time, that content is not good content. Besides the fact that if you wanted content that had been copied and pasted, you probably could have done it yourself and saved your budget a few dollars.

Article spinning is not something that should ever be done, and if you suspect any writer of ever using this kind of software, it’s time to find a writer that can create content on their own.

Unfortunately, article spinning is not the only unethical tactic that content writers sometimes employ to speed up their job, or just to help them out with writer’s block. That tactic is plagiarism. Of course, this is one that everyone instinctively knows that plagiarism is wrong, but it’s amazing to see how muddled this topic has become with the inception of online content.

Many people do believe that because something is online, it’s okay to use as their own, even if the original content came directly from a major newspaper or other very well-respected source. But online plagiarism is the same as any other kind, and it’s just plain wrong. The only time it’s right to copy another piece of content is when that piece has been sourced, and proper credit given.

At Business Blog Writers our team of writers is highly creative to always produce content that is completely unique and original, and that’s created with no outside help – from spinning programs, other pieces of content, or anything else aside from our own research. Because at BBW we only ever use our own words; and we stand by them.

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