How Amazing Grass Could Benefit From Outsource Content Writing

by Jenny on February 16, 2012

Amazing GrassAmazing Grass is a company that specializes in producing and offering organic products that are generally made out of "amazing" wheat grass. The company was established with a mission to further educate people about the health benefits wheat grass can do. Some of the amazing grasses that Amazing Grass puts in their products include: organic wheat grass, organic barley, organic alfalfa, organic oat grass and organic rye grass.

Amazing Grass’ product line includes:
  • Wheat Grass & the Amazing Trio (consists of wheat grass, barley and alfalfa)
  • Green Super Food (available flavors: chocolate, original, berry, etc.)
  • Kidz Super Food (chocolate and wildberry)
  • Amazing Meal (a mixture of plant based protein, fruits and vegetables)
  • Energy Bars (uncoated, choco coated, peanut butter protein and berry)

All Amazing Grass products are 100% Vegan (except for the Chocolate Peanut Butter protein bar) and are Kosher Certified!

One of the ways that Amazing Grass could connect even more with their customers and other potential clients is by having an online community like a company blog. They could instantly feature new and upcoming products as well as provide updates on the company itself. Likewise, they could also ask their customers to post and share their own experiences about how Amazing Grass has touched their lives. 

Amazing Grass could hire a professional blogger who could provide SEO product descriptions as well as outsource content writing to instantly bring in traffic to the site. This way, Amazing Grass can definitely make its name rank high in their industry and be more visible in search engines like Google and Yahoo.

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